3D Dance Floor

3D Dance Floor

Model : 3D Dance Floor


  • Bright LED lights are placed inside the dance floor between two mirrors.
  • The LED lighting bounces from the mirrors, infinity trails of light can be seen from the top of dance floor, creating the amazing 3D effect!



PC control Dimension L500 x W500 x H73mm
Input Signal TTL
LED quantity 60pcs (pcs/unit)
Lamp LED5050 SMD 3 in 1
Max power consumption 20W
Input voltage AC 100-240, 50-60Hz
Net Weight 11 KG
Brightness Very Bright
Panel Material Tempered glass
Base Material Aluminum
Load- bearing 500KG /m2
Protection grade IP54
Visual angle 180 °
Ambient Temperature -20 ~ + 60 ° C J21
Lifespan >=50, 000hours
Insulation grade CLASSE II











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